Welcome to the Doctoral School “Simion Mehedinți” website

Simion Mehedinți – Nature and Suistainable Development Doctoral School in Geography is committed to ensuring that the quality of research training at the Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest is at the highest international level. The University of Bucharest is proud to have been judged to be the leading research universities in Romania.

Doctoral education at the Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest is carried out in three doctoral programs: in Physical geography, Human geography and Environmental geography, but we encourage research students to look beyond the boundaries of their chosen discipline, sharing and broadening knowledge across disciplines. Our doctoral candidates are supervised by top-class researchers. Students have the possibility to elaborate joint doctoral degrees with other EU universities.

Romanian is the primary language of study in doctoral education, but English, French or German are also possibilities (see Professors page).

The right to study for a doctoral degree at the Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest can be obtained via an application procedure that is arranged once a year (see admition procedure for national and EU-citizenship students). PhD Program for non-EU citizens can be read here. University allocates funding to doctoral programmes financed by the Romanian Government or from European funds; the number of doctoral grants is announced each year.