Human Geography

The spatial projection of the manifestation of the human action offers nowadays the set of coherent perspectives through which society is analyzed and understood. Through its methodological tools, which are becoming more and more complex, human geography brings a consistently added value in the knowledge of the territorial reality. The doctoral research in the field of Human Geography, within “Simion Mehedinți” Doctoral School – Nature and Sustainable Development, propose the following major research areas: TERRITORIAL PLANNING, GEOGRAPHY OF HEALTH AND HEALTH CARE, GEODEMOGRAPHY, ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY, GEOGRAPHY OF TOURISM AND GEOPOLITICS.


The territorial planning subdomain offers the possibility of training specialists in the field of integrated analysis, planning and territorial management at different levels of territorial integration: local, regional and national. This direction contributes to the training of highly qualified specialists in the development of advanced methods, tools and techniques for modeling territorial processes.

PhD. Coordinators: Prof. PhD. Ioan Ianoș, Prof. PhD. Cristian Tălângă, Associate Professor PhD. Daniel Peptenatu, Associate Professor PhD. Andreea-Loreta Cercleux.


The sub-domain of health geography introduces the opportunity of training highly qualified specialists to analyse the spatial patterns of population health, the distribution of health resources, as well as the configuration and accessibility of medical services, critical actions in health care planning strategies and the design of public health policies.

PhD. Coordinator: Prof. PhD. Liliana Dumitrache


The development of this subdomain supports the demand for highly qualified specialists in advanced modelling of the demographic composition of the territory, to properly understand the new dimensions and approaches of the complex territorial relationships. Within this domain, doctoral students develop competencies in processing and analysing large volumes of demographic data, in connection with specific parameters and attributes of territories at different scales.

PhD. Coordinator: Prof. PhD. Liliana Dumitrache


The subdomain of economic geography responds to the real requirements of the labor market for specialists in the field of modeling the spatial dimension of the manifestation of economic processes and phenomena. In-depth knowledge of the mechanisms of a territory requires highly qualified specialists able to make territorial diagnoses based on advanced research, using modern data processing and analysis equipment, applying the principles of multi- and interdisciplinarity, the final goal being the groundwork of substantiate economic development policies.

PhD. Coordinators: Prof. PhD. Cristian Braghină; Associate Professor PhD. Daniel Peptenatu, Associate Professor. PhD. Cristian Drăghici; Lecturer PhD. Radu-Daniel Pintilii


The necessity of this subdomain rises from the demand for highly qualified specialists in the advanced analysis of tourism as a fundamental element of the local economy. Highly qualified human resources in this subdomain can produce documentation for the future projection of tourism development, have a diversity of knowledge, and especially a systemic approach, which allows their correlative interpretation.

PhD. Coordinators: Prof. PhD. Elena Matei; Associate Professor PhD. Cristian Draghici, Lecturer PhD. Radu-Daniel Pintilii


The subdomain trains highly qualified specialists, to be able to develop patterns of knowledge upon the impact of the territorial context on its internal and external policy. Topical issues are also addressed, such as mechanisms and forms of control over a territory, the geographical dimension of military conflicts, borders.

PhD. Coordinator: Prof. PhD. Silviu Negut