Professor Elena MATEI


 Professor in Human Geography

Director of the Research Centre for Regional Environmental, Tourism and Sustainable Development

Member/Chair S4C

Curriculum Vitae


Education and Training

  • 1983, BSC Geography – Geography and English
  • 2000, Ph.D in Geography (2000), University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography


Teaching activity

  • Tourism and sustainable development
  • Ecotourism, Sustainable development and environmental policies in the EU
  • Ecology of tourism services
  • Geography of human habitat
  • Didactics of geography
  • Geography of human settlements


Domenii de cercetare

  • Tourism Geograpy
  • Tourism and sustainable development
  • Human Settlements
  • Interdisciplinary approaches concerning the socio-cultural and environmental issues of rural and urban communities
  • Social Geography
  • Economic transformations and the society’s response
  • Economics Geography
  • Multidimensional analysis of the sustainable development for urban settlements


Scientific activity


a. Scientific books/book chapter: 8 (of which 3 in volumes published abroad)

b. Academic courses (5) practical works and guides of field trips: (2)

c. Papers in scientific journals/ reviews: 109


102 presentations, of which: 76 at international conferences and 36 at national conferences 26


Participation on 11 research projects, among which 2 as director of project

Selection of recent publications

  • Matei Elena, Braghina Cristian, Bogan Elena, Preda Mihaela, 2013, Dezvoltarea durabilă a oraşelor mici din România intre potenţial şi cerinţele comunităţii, Editura Universităţii Bucuresti, ISBN: 978-606-16-0287-2, 162 p.
  • Matei Elena, 2014, Services de santé et satisfaction des pacients: le cas du departement d’Ilfov. In Migrations en blanc. Médecins d’est en ouest, Anna Krasteva, Despina Vasilcu, Harmattan Edition, France, ISBN: 978-2-343-03831-5, p. 101-118, (18 p).
  • Matei Elena, Nicolaie Daniela, 2014, Cultural heritage of the Romanian historical cities and the perspectives of sustainable tourism development in the early 21st century, in Enhancing competitiveness of V4 historic cities to develop tourism. Aspects of cultural heritage, eds. Robert Faracik, Krzysztof Widawski, Kiadta a DIDAKT Kft., Debrecen, Felelős kiadó: a DIDAKT Kft. Ügyvezetője, Nyomdai munkák: Center-Print Kft., Debrecen, ISBN: 978-615-5212-26-0, p.125-140, (16 p).
  • Matei Elena, 2016, Turism şi dezvoltare durabilă, Editura Universitară, Bucureşti, ISBN: 978-606-28-0530-2, 200 p.
  • Matei Elena, 2015, Ecoturism, Editura Universitară, Bucureşti, ISBN: 978-606-591-129-1. (editia a III-a), 196 p.
  • Editors: Keeton, W., Badea, O., Matei, E., Zaharia, L., Mihai, B., Paoletti, E., 2017, VSI: FCSSI2016 “Future of the Carpathians: Smart, Sustainable, Inclusive, Science of the Total Environment. Prefața, IF : 4,9
  • Saghin, D., Matei, E.*, Manea G.,Cojocaru, I., Cocos, O. 2017, The Hutsuls in South Bukovina: from Rural Tradition to Sustainable Development, Eastern European Countryside, vol. 23, p. 119-146. Link (* joined as first author)
  • Matei Elena, Lucheş Daniel, Efros Vasile, Saghin Despina, 2017, Prediction Model on Asbestos Use as a Risk Factor for the Respiratory System Cancer in Communities from Northern Romania, Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences, vol. 12. Nr 2, p. 395 – 402, Link
  • Matei Elena, Cocoş Octavian, Manea Gabriela,Vijulie Iuliana, 2015, Social perception of passive pollution by asbestos in Darabani town, Botoşani County, Romania, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, Vol 14. Nr 5, p. 1137-1142, Link
  • Matei Elena, Vijulie Iuliana, Manea Gabriela, Tîrlă Laura, Deszi Ştefan, 2014, Changes in the Romanian Carpathian tourism after the communism collapse and the domestic tourists’ satisfaction, Acta Geographica Slovenica, 54: 2, p.335-334, ISSN: 1581-8314, Link
  • Matei Elena, Dumitrache Liliana, Manea Gabriela, Cocoş Octavian, Carmen Mihalache, 2013, Begging Phenomenon in Bucharest City: Dimensions and Patterns of Expression, Revista de cercetare si de interventie sociala, Iasi, Vol 43 (4) p. 61-79, Link
  • Vijulie Iuliana, Matei Elena, Manea Gabriela, Cocoş, Octavian, Cuculici Roxana, 2012, The assessment of agricultural land fragmentation in Romania. Case Study: Izvoarele commune, Olt County, Acta Geographica Slovenica, 52-1, p. 403–430, Link
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  • Matei Elena, Vasilcu Despina, Manea Gabriela, Cocoş Octavian, Cuculici Roxana, Vijulie Iuliana, Matei Dorin, 2016, Semi-subsistence farming development in a Carpathian declining mining area. A microscale study of landowners’ perception: Stulpicani commune, Romania, Procedia Environmental Sciences, Vol. 32, p.352-363, Elsevier, Doi: 10.1016/j.proenv.2016.03.041. Link