Professor Laura COMĂNESCU

Professor in Physical Geography

Phone: +40 21 3053775


Curriculum Vitae


Education and Training

  • 2014, PhD advisor in Geography (habilitation thesis in September 2014);
  • 2003, PhD. Degree – University of Bucharest (Faculty of Geography), paper‑work: The Casimcea River Basin – Geomorphological Study;
  • 1998, MSc Degree in „Dynamic Geomorphology and Environmental Protec­tion” – University of Bucharest (Faculty of Geography, Geomorphology Dept.);
  • 1997, BSc Single Hons (Geography, specialization- Geomorphology- Pedology) – University of Bucharest (Faculty of Geography).


Teaching activity

  • Physical Geography
  • Applied Geomorphology
  • Geomorphosites/ Geotourism
  • Physical geography of Romania
  • Tourist units in Romania
  • Morphohidrography of small drainage basins
  • Assesment of natural capital


Research interest

  • Relief – tourism relationship
  • Geotourism
  • Geomorphosites
  • Geoheritage


Selection of recent publications

  • NEDELEA ALEXANDRU, COMĂNESCU LAURA, OPREA RĂZVAN, (2009), The ecoclimatic indexes specific for the Arges valley (Fagaras Mountains, the Southern Carpathians, Romania), International Journal of Physical Sciences 4 (12), pp. 796–805, ISSN 1992-1950.
  • COMĂNESCU LAURA, NEDELEA ALEXANDRU, (2010), Analysis of some representative geomorphosites in the Bucegi Mountains: between scientific evaluation and tourist perception,, Area, Nr.4, vol.42, pag. 406-416, DOI: 10.1111/j.1475-4762.2010.00937.x
  • MUNTEANU ANCA, NEDELEA ALEXANDRU, COMĂNESCU LAURA, (2011), The dynamics of the snow avalanche affected areas in Piatra Mica mountains (Romania), Comptes Rendus Geosciences, 343 (10), p. 691–700 doi:10.1016/j.crte.2011.08.001.
  • NEDELEA ALEXANDRU, COMĂNESCU LAURA, (2011), Present day relief-shaping systems acting on the southern slope of the Făgăraș Mountains (Romania), Earth Syst. Sci. 120, No. 6, December 2011, pp. 1023–1032, doi: 10.1007/s 12040-011-0124.
  • COMĂNESCU LAURA, NEDELEA ALEXANDRU, (2012), The assessment of geodiversity – a premise for declaring the geopark Buzăului County (Romania), Earth Syst. Sci. 121, No. 6, December 2012, pp. 1493–1500, doi: 10.1007/s 12040-011-0124.
  • BANDOC GEORGETA, MATEESCU RĂZVAN, DRAGOMIR ELENA, GOLUMBEANU MARIANA, COMĂNESCU LAURA, NEDELEA ALEXANDRU, (2014), Systemic Approach of the Impact Induced by Climate Changes on Hydrothermic Factors at the Romanian Black Sea Coast, Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, vol.15, nr.2, pag. 455- 468.
  • COMĂNESCU LAURA, NEDELEA ALEXANDRU, DOBRE ROBERT, BANDOC GEORGETA, (2014), Inventoring the Principal Geomorphosites for Determining Geomorphodiversity. Case Study – the Central Sector of the Bucegi Mountains (the Carpathians, Romania), Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, vol.15, nr.4, pag. 1849-1857.
  • COMĂNESCU LAURA, NEDELEA ALEXANDRU, (2015), Public perception of the hazards affecting geomorphological heritage—case study: the central area of Bucegi Mts. (Southern Carpathians, Romania), Environmental Earth Sciences, DOI 10.1007/s12665-014-4007-x, vol.73, nr.12, 8487-8497.
  • ION ANTOANELA, VLĂDESCU LUMINIȚA, BADEA IRINEL, COMĂNESCU LAURA, (2016), Monitoring and evaluation of the water quality of Budeasa Reservoir –Arges River, Romania, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 188: 535, DOI: 10.1007/s10661-016-5521-y.
  • PETRE CĂTĂLINA, NEDELEA ALEXANDRU, COMĂNESCU LAURA, MUNTEANU ANCA, (2012), Terrain susceptibility to geomorphological processes and their impact on tourism infrastructure in the Sâmbata valley (Făgăraş Mountains, Romania), Procedia Environmental Sciences – Landscape, Environment, European Identity, 4-6 November, 2011, Bucharest, 14, p. 257-266.
  • DRĂGHICI CRISTIAN, PINTILII RADU, PEPTENATU DANIEL, COMĂNESCU LAURA, SIRODOEV IGOR, (2015), The Role of SPA Tourism in the Development of Local Economies from Romania, Procedia Economics and Finance – 2nd Global Conference on Business, Economics and Management and Tourism (BEMTUR), Praga, 29-31 Octombrie, 2014, 23, p. 1573-1577, doi: 10.1016/S2212-5671(15)00400-1.
  • COMĂNESCU LAURA, NEDELEA ALEXANDRU, (2016), Floods and public perception on their effect. Case Study: Tecuci Plain (Romania), year 2013, Procedia Environmental Sciences – International Conference – Environment at a Crossroads: SMART approaches for a sustainable future, 32, 190 – 199, doi: 10.1016/j.proenv.2016.03.024, ISBN:
  • COMĂNESCU LAURA, NEDELEA ALEXANDRU, STĂNOIU GABRIEL (2017), Geomorphosites and geotourism in Bucharest City Center (Romania), Quaestiones Geographicae, 36(3), 51-61, doi: 10.1515/quageo–2017–0029.

Books / chapters (selection)

  • GRECU FLORINA, COMĂNESCU LAURA, DOBRE ROBERT, TOROIMAC GABRIELA, GHIŢĂ CRISTINA, CÂRCIUMARU EMIL, SĂCRIERU RĂZVAN, (2009), Morphohydrologic unbalance impact on archaeological sites. Romanian Plain case studies, Old Man River, Ghent University, Ghent, p.449-467, Academia Press Scientific Publishers, editors De Dapper Morgan, Vermeulen Frank, Deprez Sarah, Taelman Devi, 627 pag, ISBN 978-90-382- 14047.
  • COMĂNESCU LAURA, IELENICZ M., NEDELEA A., (2010), Relieful şi valorificarea lui în turism, Edit. Ars Docendi, Bucureşti, pag.264, ISBN 978- 973-558-525-9.
  • COMĂNESCU LAURA, DOBRE R. (coord.), (2012), Harta geoturistică a Munţilor Bucegi, Edit. Ars Docendi, Bucureşti, ISBN 978-973-558-642-3.
  • COMĂNESCU LAURA, NEDELEA ALEXANDRU, (2016), Geomorphosites assessments of the glacial and periglacial landforms from Southern Carpathians, Landform Dynamics and Evolution in Romania, Springer, pag. 215-249, ISBN 978-3-319-32589-7, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-32589-7