Professor Liliana DUMITRACHE

 Professor in Human Geography

Head of the Department of Human & Econmic Geography

Director of Research center on Geo-demographic and territorial analysis (CCGAT)

Editor: Human Geographies, Journal of Studies & Researches in Human Geographies

Phone: 0738671341


 Curriculum Vitae

Education and Training

  • 2003, Ph.D. in Geography, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography;
  • 1991, University Degree in Geography, specialization Geography-French language, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography;
  • 2008, PhD supervision in Geography (Romanian, English, French).

Teaching activity

  • Population Geography/Geo-demography
  • Geography of Health and Health care
  • Geography of Sanitary Resources and Health Tourism
  • Demographic Policies/Demographic and Social Policies
  • Human Capital and Territorial Development

Research interest

  • Health care accessibility
  • Health and health care inequalities at territorial level
  • Health & healthcare policies and territorial effects
  • Demographic and social vulnerabilities
  • Migration policies/Health professional migration

Selection of recent publications

  • Liliana Dumitrache, Mariana Nae, Daniela Dumbrăveanu, Gabriel Simion, Bogdan Suditu (2016), Contrasting Clustering in Health Care Provision in Romania: Spatial and Aspatial Limitations, Procedia Environmentals Siences, Elsevier,
  • Liliana Dumitrache, Daniela Zamfir, Mariana Nae Gabriel Simion, Valentina Stoica (2016), The Urban Nexus: Contradictions and Dilemmas of (Post)Communist (Sub)Urbanization in Romania, Human Geographies Journal of Studies and Research in Human Geography, vol 10.1,
  • Bogdan Suditu, Daniel-Gabriel Vâlceanu, Silviu Neguţ, Liliana Dumitrache, Mariana Nae, Gabriel Simion, Daniel Vîrdol (2016) –Using ESDA for studying demographic disparities in Romanian low urban polarization areas, Urbanism. Architecture. Constructions,Vol. 7, issue no. 2 / 2016.
  • Daniela Zamfir, Lilliana Dumitrache, Ilinca-Valentina Stoica, Daniel Vîrdol (2015), Spatial inequalities in health care provision in Romania: milestones for territorial sustainable development, Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Vol. 10, No 3, p. 177 – 188.
  • Daniel Vîrdol, Bogdan Suditu, Liliana Dumitrache, Daniel Gabriel Vâlceanu, Dynamics of housing stock in Romania – between politics and policies , Human Geographies Volume 9, Issue 2, 2015- 5, SCOPUS.
  • Bogdan Suditu, Liliana Dumitrache, Daniel Vârdol , Daniel-Gabriel Vâlceanu,(2014) New trajectories of post-socialist residential mobility in Bucharest, Human Geographies Volume 8, Issue 1, 2014.
  • Bogdan Suditu, Mariana Nae, Silviu Neguţ, Liliana Dumitrache, Aurel Gheorghilaş (2014), Suburban Landscape in Romania: from „Forting- up” to „Informal- up” and Limits of Public Action, European Journal of Science and Theology, vol.10 (5), 2014, p.125-138, ISSN 1842-8157.
  • Nae, M., Suditu, B., Neguţ, S., Dumitrache, L., Gheorghilaş, A. (2014). The Shifting Reality of Repulsive Urban Areas between Public Perception and Crime. Case Study : Bucharest Municipality. Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala, 44, 86-102.  ISSN: 1584-5397
  • Matei, E., Dumitrache, L., Manea, G., Cocos, O., Mihalache, C. (2013). Begging Phenomenon in Bucharest City : Dimensions and Patterns of Expression. Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala ,43, 61-79.  ISSN : 1584-5397
  • Liliana Dumitrache, Mariana Nae (2013), Urban Regeneration and Affective Connections to Place in Bucharest City Centre, Analele Universităţii din Bucureşti – Geografie, LXII/2013, Editura Universităţii Bucureşti, p.187-202, ISSN 977-1013-4115.
  • Liliana Dumitrache, Mariana Nae (2013), Changing Cities: Urban Restructuring Projects in Bucharest for the Market Economy, Environment and Society Present – Day Diversity and Dynamic, Editura Universităţii Bucureşti, p.—–, ISSN 978-973-749-198-5.
  • Liliana Dumitrache, Mariana Nae,(2010) The Surveillance System, a Cultural Paradigm within the Gated Communities in Bucharest in „Environment and Society Present – Day Diversity and Dynamic”, Editura Universităţii Bucureşti.

Books / chapters (selection)

  • Liliana Dumitrache (2004) – The Romanian population health status -a geographic approach, ed. Univers Enciclopedic, Bucharest.
  • Liliana Dumitrache (2003)- Medical Geography-Research Methods, Ed. Universitara, Bucharest.
  • Erdeli,G, Liliana Dumitrache (2001, 2004, 2006)- Population Geography, Ed. Corint, Bucharest.
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  • Liliana Dumitrache,( 2009) Changing Geography of Health and Health Care in Romania in the last decade of the 21th Century, p. 63-73 in „Population, Environment and Development. A Global Challenge for the 21st Century” (eds. B.R.K. Sinha), New Century Publications, New Delhi, India, 351 p., ISBN 978-81-7708-217-3.).
  • Liliana Dumitrache (2014) Défis, incohérences et échecs de la réforme sanitaire en Roumanie in Migration en blanc, Edition L’Harmattan, Collection Global et Local, p-21-40, Paris, France,ISSN : 2257-3690.
  • Liliana Dumitrache (2015) Health and health care in Romania – in Romania – Environment and Society, Romanian Academy.