1. Physical Geography:

Doctoral supervisor

PhD in a foreign language

Research area

Research topic

Prof.univ.dr. ARMAŞ Iuliana

German, English

1. Multi-hazards and risks

2. Fluvial geomorphology

3. Vulnerability Assessments

4. Risk perception, disaster resilience and coping strategies

1. Multi-hazard quantitative and qualitative approaches,  vulnerability and risk assessments, risk perception, disaster resilience and coping strategies.

2. Morphogenetic and morphodynamic research in the Carpathian and Subcarpathian Bend Area, the Romanian Plain and along the Danube Valley.

Prof.univ.dr. habil. BANDOC Georgeta


1. Renewable energy sources and sustainable development

2. Interdisciplinary approaches in the modeling of geographical systems

3. Ocean interaction – atmosphere

4. Climate change


1. Renewable energy sources, identification, potential energy assessment and distribution in geographical systems

2. Interdisciplinary approaches in the modeling of geographical systems

3. Feedback in the ocean – atmosphere system


Prof.univ.dr.habil. COMĂNESCU Laura


1. Geomorphology

2. Touristic potential

1.Geomorphosites/Natural heritage

2. The relationship landforms- tourism

3. Geotourism

Prof.univ.dr. GRECU Florina


1. Geomorphology – regional studies

2. Quaternary paleogeography – regional studies

3. Applied physical geography – regional studies

4. Synergistic regional studies


1 – The applicative potential of the relief

2. Dynamic geomorphology (processes and forms of slope and riverbed, cartographyc geo-history

3. Hazards and natural risks – causes and effects

4. Quaternary paleogeography (Quaternary deposits; geo-aecheology; the relief of some subsiding areas)

5. Hydrogeomorphology (relief-water synergism; recent changes of riverbeds, consequences); isles from the riverbed of the Danube; the fluvial style of the southern transcarpathian rivers; trends of the dynamics of the riverbeds from Curvarure Carpathians)

6. Morphohydrography (integrated studies on small river basins); water erosion and multicriteria method – USLE; sediment delivery ratio – SDR. 

Prof.univ.dr. GIOSAN Liviu


1. Geomorphology and morphodynamics

2. Paleoclimatology, paleoceanography si paleoenvironment

3. Anthropocene  

1. Sedimentary systems morphodynamics from source to sink

2. Climate impact on coupled natural-human systems

3. Case studies in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and the Arctic Ocean

Prof. univ.dr. IONAC Nicoleta


1. State of the Climate. Applied Meteorology and Climatology


2. Weather-related Multi-Risks Forecast, Analysis and Warning


1. Major Drives and Events; Data-Processing and Forecasting Systems and Services; Preparedness and Mitigation Means and Systems.

Climatic Processes and Variability; Impacts and Evolution Trends; Emergency Prediction and Response Systems.

2.Theoretical, Operational and Practical Applications of Meteorology and climatology in Various Domains.

Perceptions, politics and strategies of inter-disciplinary approach in climatology. 

Prof.univ.dr. MANEA Marina

English, Spanish

1. Tectonosphere and forms of movement of matter within it; geographical consequences.

2. Planetary Sciences


1.1. Geodynamics of subduction zones. Geomorphological processes associated with subduction.

1.2. Convection in terrestrial mantle and geomorphological consequences

1.3. Numerical modeling of saline diapirism

2.1. Numerical modeling of the asteroid impact on the relief.

2.2. Temperature distribuction in planets and possible geographical consequences

Prof.univ.dr. MIHAI Bogdan

English, French

1. Remote sensing

2. Geographic Information Systems

3. Cartography

4. Photogrammetry

1. Land cover dynamic pattern analysis using change detection techniques and statistical integration of multisensor imagery derived data.

2. Integrated GIS-remote sensing approaches for natural hazards modelling, risk management and space planning.

3. Integration of aerial and satellite imagery into the GIS and cartographic applications. 

4. Integration of multisource and multidate remote sensing imagery for environmental mapping.

5. Land suitability for multiple developments using GIS and remote sensing integrated digital modelling.

Prof.univ.dr. habil. NEDELEA Alexandru


1.Physical geography


1. The mountain area (assesment, mapping , planning

2. Applied geomorphology

3. The present-day geomorphological processes and the impact on anthropic arrangements

4. The geomorphological hazards and risks

Prof.univ.dr. habil. VESPREMEANU-STROE Alfred


1. Geomorphology

2. Geoarchaeology

3. Paleogeography (Paleo-environmental reconstruction)


1. The present-day evolution of world-wide delta coasts

2. Morfodynamics patterns recorded in the evolution of large deltas

3. Holocene landscape changes on the Black Sea Coast (different study-sites) and the their impact on human settlements since Neolithic till Modern Times.

4. Black Sea level reconstruction during the Holocene.

5. Periglacial processes in Late Glacial and Holocene (different sites from Southern Carpathians).

6. Mud vulcanoes fenomenology in Buzăului Subcarpathians.

7. Pleistocene Glaciations in Parâng Massif.

Prof.univ.dr. ZAHARIA Liliana

French, English

1. Water resources and their management

2. Hydrological hazards and related risk management

 1. Variability of water resources in a changing environment

2. Hydrological hazards and related risks: analysis, management and adaptation

Conf.univ.dr.habil. DIACONU Daniel Constantin

English, French

1. Integrated management of water resources.

2. Hydrological risk. Management.

3. Hydrological synthesis and regionalization.

4. Bathymetry.

1. Hydrological risks management and their economic impact.

2. Bathymetry analyses of the aquatic units and their relations with the environment.


2. Human Geography:

Doctoral supervisor

PhD in a foreign language

Research area

Research topic

Prof.univ.dr. BRAGHINĂ Cristian

1. Geography of human settlements2.  Population geography3.  Economic and social geography 


1.The socio-economic dynamics of the geographical space2.Evolution of the agricultural economy after 19903.The deindustrialization process and its consequences4. The anthropic tourism potential and its use5. Economy and rural industry6. Studies of urban geography

Prof.univ.dr. DUMITRACHE Liliana

English , French

1. Human geography

2. Social geography

3. Geography of health and healthcare

1.Socio- demographic vulnerability and risks analysis; spatial dynamics of social vulnerability

2.Demographic Changes and Ageing 3.Population health and wellbeing

4.Disparities in Access to Health Care;

5.The Economic, Social and Cultural Impacts of Migration

Prof.univ.dr. ERDELI George

1. Geography of settlements

2. Geography of population

3. Economic geography

4. Tourism geography


 1. Urban and rural habitat

2. Migration of population

3. Population structures

4. Regional development

5. Planning and development of tourist areas

6. Strategies of organization and management of tourist resorts

Prof.univ.dr. IANOŞ Ioan

English, French

1. Spatial Planning

2. Urban and Regional Development

3. Structure and dynamics of territorial systems

4. Regional development and regional politics

5. Human and Environment interactions

1. The response of urban and rural settlements to global changes;

2. Territorial image and spatial planning

3. Structural role of cities in the regional development.

4. Assessing the resilient capacity of  territorial systems by cooperative processes and transition phases analysis.

Prof.univ.dr.habil. MATEI Elena

English / French

1. Tourism Geography

2. La géographie du tourisme

3. Geography of human settlements

4. Géographie des établissements humains


1. Social geography

2. Géographie sociale

3. Economic geography

4. Géographie économique


1. Tourism and sustainable development

2. Interdisciplinary approaches regarding the socio-cultural and environmental aspects of rural and urban communities;

3. Economic transformations and the company’s response

4. Multidimensional analysis of the sustainable development of urban settlements

1. Tourisme et développement durable

2. Approches interdisciplinaires sur les aspects socioculturels et environnementaux des communautés rurales et urbaines;

3. Transformations économiques et réponse de la société

4. Analyse multidimensionnelle du développement durable des établissements urbains

Prof. univ. dr. NEGUŢ Silviu


1.Human Geography (theoretical and practical aspects: the analysis of one place or one region).

2.Social and Cultural Geography (theoretical and practical aspects), the relation between Human Geography and other humanistic sciences (Sociology, Anthropology,Politology, etc).

3.The relation between Political Geography and Geopolitics. The impact of new concepts (Hard power, Soft power,   Twister power) upon Geography and Geopolitics.

1.    Romania-Turkey. Geographic, economic and geopolitical consideration

2.    Neutrality like a geostrategy. Study case: Switzerland


Prof.univ.dr. TĂLÂNGĂ Cristian

1. Urban geography

2. Rural geography

3. Transport geography


1. The dynamics of urban space

2. The dynamics of rural space

3. The evolution and impact of transport systems

Conf.univ.dr.habil. CERCLEUX Andreea – Loreta

French, English

1. Geography of Human Settlements

2. Urban Geography

3. Structure and Dynamics of Urban Areas

4. Cultural Geography

5. Economic Geography


1. Dynamics of Urban and Rural Territorial Systems

2. Smart and Sustainable Development of Settlements

3. The Built Heritage – Characteristics and Possibilities for Development

4. Regional Development

Conf.univ.dr. habil.DRĂGHICI Cristian Constantin

1. Economic Geography

2. Integrated Analysis and Territorial Management

1. Structural dynamics of the local economies

2. The role of tourism in the development of adaptive capacity of the territorial systems

Conf.univ.dr. habil. PEPTENATU Daniel


1. Territorial Management

1. Management of the territorialsystems
2. Emergent territorial siytems

Lect.univ.dr. habil. PINTILII Radu-Daniel

English, French

1. Tourism and economic development/entrepreneurship in tourism  activities

2. Tourism Management/Tourism Marketing

1. Integrated analysis, management and competitiveness of the tourism activities

2. New trends and models of tourism development

3. Role/Impact of the tourism activities


3. Environmental research:

Doctoral supervisor

PhD in a foreign language

Research area

Research topic

Prof.univ.dr. habil. IOJĂ Ioan – Cristian

English, French

1.Tools for sustainability assessment of human settlements.

2. Assessement of green infrastructure, including ecosystem services assessment

3. Environmental conflict assessment


1. Nature based-solution, green areas, environmental conflicts.

2. Colaborative planning for sustainability.

3. Urban protected areas.

4. Green areas impact assessment on human health

5. Spatial distribution of sustainability indicators.

Prof.univ.dr. PĂTROESCU Maria



2. Géographie Environnementale/Environmental Geography

1. Méthodes d’évaluation de la pression humaine sur la biodiversité Natura 2000 /Methods for evaluation of human pressure on Natura 2000 biodiversity

2. Méthodes d’analyse du rôle des infrastructures vertes et bleues dans le paysage urbain. Études de cas régionales et locales/ Methods for analysing the role of green and blue infrastructure in urban landscape. Regional and local case studies.

Prof.univ.dr. PĂTRU-STUPARIU Ileana

Engleză, Franceză

1.       1. Landscape ecology

2.       2. Natural and cultural landscape

3.       3. Landscape planning

4.       4. Interdisciplinary approaches


1. Modeling of landscape dynamics

1.2. Landscape fragmentation

1.3. Landscape resilience

1.4. Ecosystem/ landscape services

2.1. Geographic approaches (nature and society).

3.1. Participatory approach

4.1. 3D Landscape

Prof.univ.dr.habil. ROZYLOWICZ Laurențiu


1. Wildlife-human coexistence in Romania

2. Network analysis for species and habitats management

3. Spatial ecology and conservation of biodiversity


1. Wildlife-human coexistence in Romania

2. Network analysis for species and habitats management

3. Spatial ecology and conservation of biodiversity