Professor Silviu NEGUȚ

Professor in Human Geography

PhD coordinator since 2000, 25 postdoctoral graduates (2018)

Adress: Calea Dorobanți, no.15-17, sector 1, Bucharest, Faculty of Business & Tourism, Bucharest University of Economic Studies.


Curriculum vitae

Education and training:

  • BSc, Faculty of Geology-Geography, Geography, specialisation Economic Geography, University of Bucharest, 1968;
  • PhD in Geography, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography, 1984, thesis: Quantitative analysis in the study of population and human settlements in Romania

The thesis was published in 1997: Mathematical modelling in Human Geography, Scientific Printing Press.

Scholarhip and specialization stages

  • Training program for trainers for SMEs in Italy (University of Padova and CNA Veneto – Mestre/Venice), 1994
  • Training program World Bank / Ministry of Education (area of curricular reform) in the Netherlands (at SLO-Enschede, CITO-Arnhem and PMVO – Hague), 1996;
  • Specialisation programs at foreign universities: Università degli Studi- Perugia –  Italy (1993, 1997, 2000), Nottingham Trent University – Great Britain (1996,1997), Université  Paris 1 Sorbonne – Paris and Université des Sciences et Technologie – Lille, France (1992, 1996), University of Barcelona-Spain (1997), Wirtschaft Universität – Wien, Austria (2000, 2004) and so on.
  • Post-university course for university management (graduation certificate), 2009.

Teaching activity

Current courses:

  • Bachelor: Economic Geography of the World, Geopolitics, Geography of Tourism
  • Master: Geopolitics, Geostrategy    


  • University lecturer at the Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest, 1995-2001           
  • Associate professor at the Diplomatic Academy/Romanian Diplomatic Institute, 2004 – present
  • Associate professor NAI (National Administration Institute), 2007

Visiting professor:

• Université des Sciences et Technologie, Lille1-Franţa (2009);

• Università degli Studi „Aldo Moro”, Bari, Italia (2009);

• Università degli Studi, Ancona, Italia (2009);

• Université Paris-Dauphine, Franţa (2010).

Research interest:

  • Quantitative/Mathematical Geography
  • Human and Economic Geography
  • Environmental Geography
  • Geography of Tourism
  • Geopolitics and Geostrategy

Scientific awards and diplomas:

  • Honorary member of the Scientists Academy, 2015
  • Doctor Honoris Causa of the Oil-Gas University of Ploieşti 2014
  • Title of “Professor Emeritus” granted by the  Bucharest University of Economic Studies / Ministry of Education and Research, 2012
  • “Professor Emeritus” diploma granted by AFER (Romanian Economy Faculties Association), 2010
  • Diploma for special merits in promoting scientific research (CNCSIS / Ministry of Education and Research), 2008
  • “Simion Mehedinţi” award of the Romanian Academy for the book “Mathematical modelling in human geography” (highest scientific award in Romania), 1999

Selection of recent publications:

  • Neacşu, Marius Cristian; Neguţ, Silviu; Vlăsceanu, Gheorghe (2018),The Impact of Geopolitical Risks on Tourism, Amfiteatru Economic, vol. XX, Special Issue no. 12, pp. 870-884.
  • Neguț, Silviu; Neacşu, Marius Cristian (2017), Proceedings The International Scientific Conference STRATEGIES XXI, The New Silk Road: One Belt, One Road – A Strategic Power Asset for China, The Complex and Dynamic Nature of the Security Environment, Bucharest, December 7-8, “Carol I” National Defence University Publishinghouse, pp. 81-88, 415 pag., ISSN 2285-8318.
  • Neacşu, Marius Cristian; Neguţ, Silviu; Vlăsceanu, Gheorghe (2016),Place Branding – Geographical Approach. Case Study: Waterloo, Amfiteatru Economic, vol. XVIII, Special Issue no. 10, pp. 944-959.
  • Neguţ S. (2015), Military Geography – Precursor of Geostrategy, Proceedings The International Scientific Conference STRATEGIES XXI, vol. 2, The Complex and Dynamic Nature of the Security Environment, Bucharest, June 11-12, “Carol I” National Defence University Publishing House, Bucharest, pp. 7-12, ISSN 2285-8318.
  • Matei H., Neguţ S., Nicolae I. (2014), Enciclopedia statelor lumii, ediţia a XIII-a, Editura Meronia, Bucureşti, 782 pag., ISBN 978-973-7839-96-1 (alte 12 ediţii anterioare, cu denumiri diferite);
  • Suditu, B.; Nae, Mirela; Neguţ, S.; Gheorghilaş, A., Responsabilities and limits of public action in promoting sustainable development, territorial, equity and quality of life in Romania (2014), Amfiteatru Economic, vol. XVI, no. 35, pp. 154-170.
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  • Neguţ S. (2011), Geografia umană, Editura Academiei Române, Bucureşti, 614 pag., ISBN 978-973-27-2029-5.